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about us

mdj marketing is a boutique creative agency providing content creation, social media consulting, and public relations services to female-led businesses. we’re fueled by cold brew and indie music + our mascots are rescue pups wilbur and cleo.

we build custom marketing solutions for clients in a range of industries to empower them to reach dream clientele, solidify their standing within the community, and enable them to take the next step in scaling their business.

our clients range from local florists to event venues to children’s authors, fitness studios, photographers, and beyond. our sweet spot is woman-owned businesses ready to take the next big step in growing their audience and building community. businesses that are smart enough to outsource but want to have the one-on-one experience of working with another entrepreneur.


we’re fueled by cold brew and indie music + our mascots are rescue pups wilbur and cleo.



morgan’s boundless enthusiasm and passion for lifting others up gives her endless drive. she has a background in magazine and digital publishing, content marketing, public relations, and employee and consumer engagement + is an enneagram 7w3. she loves making reaaallly long spotify playlists, experimenting in the kitchen, generous pours of red wine, and exploring with her husband + pups.



wilbur is a 3-year-old mix — we got his dna tested and he’s newfoundland, staffordshire terrier, shnauzer, and a million other things. his beard and eyebrows get us stopped on walks by complete strangers. wilbur is our CFO and loves fetch (keepaway), eating books (really), and playing with his sister and friends. we adopted wilbur from forever home dog rescue.



cleo is a 1.5-year-old pitbull with the sweetest eyes and snuggliest personality. cleo is our VP of HR and loves sleeping, eating, and picking on her brother. cleo actually broke her arm before we adopted her and we spent the first few months of knowing her attending her physical therapy sessions! (she’s all better now.) we adopted cleo from aheinz pet rescue.


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